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This page provides the tools developed in the iroboapp project.

Webots Move and Improve Simulator

A Webots Simulation Model for Move and Improve Algorithm. For more details, visit the Webots Simulator page

iPath: A C++ Library of Intelligent Global Path Planners for Mobile Robots (with ROS Integration).

the iPath simulation model is a C++ library that allows the simulation of different intelligent path planners including A*, Dijkstra, Ant Colony Optimisation (ACO), Genetic Algorithms (GA), Relaxed A* (RA*), Relaxed Dijkstra (RD) and Tabu Search. For more details, visit the simulator page

MRTASim: The Multi-Robot Task Allocation Simulator (MATLAB)

The tool provides a MATLAB interface to simulation different multi-robot task allocation problems. For more details, visit the simulator page