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Feb 05, 2015:Move and Improve Demos

This Video show the execution of the algorithm Move and Improve Move and Improve: A Distributed Multi-Robot Coordination Approach for Multiple Depots Multiple Travelling Salesmen Problem. Communication range is low (4m).

This video show the execution of the move and improve algorithm : A Distributed Multi-Robot Coordination Approach for Multiple Depots Multiple Travelling Salesmen Problem.
In this senario communication range is 13m. It is a relatively high communication range so it will exist few overlapped targets.

Jan 04, 2015: Turtlebot Autonomous Navigation using ROS in Prince Sultan University

In this video, w turtlebot autonomously navigates inside the corridors of the College of Computer and Information Sciences, at Prince Sultan University.

We used a campus wide wireless network infrastructure to ensure the communication between the robot and the monitoring machine that monitors the location of the robot and the video stream coming from its camera..

Dec 3, 2014: Waypoints visiting with Asctec FireFly UAV

View 1
The video shows a simple field experiment with Asctec FireFly UAV using the Autopilot Control Software to visit two waypoints in a football field and come back to its initial location.
First, we connect to the UAV through the Xbee module connected to the PC and we enable the GPS mode using the Remote Control. Second, we start a GPS mission, load the map of the football field and specify graphically the GPS locations of the waypoints to be visited. We set two waypoints, one on the center of the field and the second near the goal to the north. Then, we manually raise the UAV at a safe height (e.g. 5 meters) with the remote control, and start the mission through the autopilot control software. The UAV will start visiting each UAV in the specified order and will stay up to three second in each UAV. Finally, we send a command to the UAV so that it comes back to home location. Finally, we manually land the UAV.
We are working towards making a cooperative mission with two UAVs to visit a distinct set of target locations.

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Sept 15, 2014: Courier Delivery Application using COROS Architecture with ROS

This video presents a demonstration of the COROS architecture in the context of courier delivery application.

The demo consists of three ROS-enabled Turtlebot robots initially waiting for a mission to execute. A mission for delivery of a courier from Office 4 to Office 2 is sent to all three robots. The three robots negotiates using a market-based task allocation mechanism, and only the robot with the minimum estimated total traveled distance will execute the delivery mission.

June 2014: Courier Delivery Application using COROS Architecture (First Experiment)

This video explains the courier delivery scenario

This video explains the courier delivery scenario and shows the execution

Move and Improve Mechanism

This videos shows an illustration of move and improve mechanism using Webots simulator. Video produced by Omar Cheikhrouhou.
Move and Improve is a new market-based multi-robot coordination technique for multiple depot, multiple travel salesmen problem (MD-MTSP). The concept is simple: in the beginning of the mission, a robot moves and attempts to improve its solution by coordination with its neighbor robots. Our approach consists of four main steps: (1) initial target allocation, (2) tour construction, (3) negotiation of conflicting targets, (4) solution improvement.

DBM: Distributed Market-based Approach for Multi-Robot Assignment Problem

coming soon inchaAllah...

Quick Start-up with Turtlebot Robot

In this video (in Arabic), a small demo on how to start with Turtlebot robot is presented.